The Center for Global Engineering promote research based on the two main programs it leads;

  • EDC course
  • EwB volunteering groups

We wish to address those from two directions;

  • The programs itself, structure, functioning, methods etc.
  • The outcomes-influences of the whole process. On different subjects and from different direction; the interface of the partnership and process on professional and personal future, both students and community. The impact it had on the quality of life. Technological product and sustainability of it; water, energy, etc. Socio-economical-environmental maintenance and future development, global health, community sustainable development, scale up, etc.

The idea is to optimum the process and to keep on developing the way we work to better achieve our goals. And to be able to evaluate rather we achieved those goals in the long run.

We always look for partners in research. If you are interested to be involved and to lead with us a relevant research, please contact us and will try to work together.

Published articles;

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