Partners; AFAK’s school students, teachers and parents. And Technion’s students.

Where; Sur Baher, East Jerusalem and Technion, Haifa, Israel.

The group is working with the communities on encouraging and raise awareness to sustainability through green-renewable energy and technological environmental education

At 2012 the group assembled the first turbine at a roof of a Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty building. At 2013 the students started the work in Afak school, collecting data and working with the kids, teaching them about wind power. After two years of functioning while monitored and evaluated the wind turbine was finally re-assembled at Afak school in 2015. At the same time the group started working on a second wind turbine to implement at the Technion. Hoping it will raise awareness within Engineering students and will impact their personal and professional future.

The partnership with Afak elementary school is special. The school includes a wide variety of kids and staff who wants to teach and learn all about sustainability in the most fun, hands-on experience. That has allowed the group to work with them on the turbine and countless environmental and technological related lessons. The group wishes this exposure will influence the kids view of the world, community, environment and mostly how they capture their own abilities and possibilities. Knowing that those kids will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Unfortunately, up to 2018, after few visits of maintenance the two wind turbine stopped working and was taking down for repair. The group done research and re-evaluation of the need and situation and with Afak staff decided on changing the project. Today the group is working on a bicycle driven fountain at the school yard. This will be an interactive project for the kids to learn how mechanical power from movement can generate a pump and by that the fountain.

The group aims to encourage the development of more sustainable-environmental- technological related leaders, citizens and professionals.

Status design the bicycle project and assessment for the Technion project.

Read about this project on Focus magazine “Any Way the Wind Blows” 

In this video you can see the Turbine Re-Assembly

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