Partners; Community of Amdi Woyane, MU\MIT university in Mekelle, TDA.

Where: Amdi Woyane village, Mekelle, Ethiopia.

The group is working today with the community on the issue of indoor air pollution caused by cooking.

As Part of EDC course the students and partners mapped the community’s needs, defined their main issues and presented few possible relevant projects. This information continued to lead the group work with new volunteers who joined. After decision making process about the issues related to health, water, energy, agriculture, etc. The groups agreed with the community that the first project will address the indoor air pollution issue.

The Additive Chimney is trying to address that issue. The traditional way of cooking in most houses is on a simple stove that is still working on open fire, fueled by wood or animal manure. This is done inside the family house or at a small separated house near by. Inside that house, the cooking is causing sever indoor air pollution and by that many community members (mostly woman) have a verity of respiratory, skin, eye and other diseases. The group idea is to design a chimney that will be attached onto the traditional stove in order to reduce the indoor air pollution while cooking.

The aim of this project is to improve the community’s health, specially within women.

Status: Design

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