Partners; the Community of Abu-Ashiba, Ajeec.

Where; Abu Ashiba, Negev, Israel

The group is working with the community on the main issue of indoor climate at the kindergarten.

After identifying the issue the groups used method for decision making and agreed with the community that the first project will address warming the kindergarten at winter and next will come cooling at summer. The group done a lot of research on that subject and realized there are two main steps towards improving the kindergarten climate; insulation (passive) and heating\cooling systems (active).

At January 2016, after testing a prototype at the Technion, the group implemented the Solar Heating system at the kindergarten with the help of Amer, Raida and the kids of Abu Ashiba. It was open for the rest of the winter and got a feedback from the community- warm air is coming in. But that is not enough, the room is not insulated and by that the warm air isn’t kept in to increase the temperature.

Today, the group is developing additive insulation panels for the kindergarten from different materials. In hope that the combination of both will improve the conditions in the kindergarten, and allow the kids and teacher to have an appropriate environment to learn, have fun and feel comfortable.

The main aim of the project is to moderate the climate and create better conditions for children and teachers in hope for better education for the kids.

Status monitoring and evaluation of the solar system. Design of the insulation.

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In this video you can see a bit of implementation day;

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