Partners; the community of Meskele Kristos, SYHLA, WFA.

Where:  Meskele Kristos, Lalibela, Ethiopia

The group is working today with the community on two main issues; lack of clean water for drinking and sanitation in the local school and the issue of indoor air pollution caused by cooking.

The improved stove project is trying to address the second one. The traditional way of cooking in most houses is on open fire surrounded bricks by using wood or animal manure as fuel. This is done inside the family house or at a small separated structure near by. Inside that house, the cooking is causing sever indoor air pollution and by that many community members (mostly woman) have a verity of respiratory, skin, eye and other diseases.

The main aim of this project is to improve the community’s health, specially within women.

Status: Design

Video of making a mud brick from the group’s workshop in Mitzpe Ramon April 2018

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